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Experience a whole new way to buy a house or refinance!
Roll all the renovation costs into your mortgage.


Build Management

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Building and remodeling has become complex and you need a management team to keep your project on budget and schedule.

Who We Are

We are a residential general contracting company that manages building and remodeling projects to include all exterior and interior replacement and new construction additions

How We Do It

We run everything on an online software that allows the customer to download an app to manage their project


Our Consultation Process


The number one complaint in the remodeling industry is lack of communication and customers left in the dark about details – Our number one goal is to change that with our assigned project managers and online portal.


We conduct all business based on the Army’s core values of; Loyalty, Duty, Respect, Selfless Service, Honor, Integrity, Personal Courage and a strong attention to detail.


No one can be good at everything and that is why we have an entire team of specialist that complete each part of the project with true knowledge and craftsmanship.


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Fine Home Contracting remodels homes in the entire state of Connecticut.

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