1) Reinventing The Basement Remodeling Experience

When you think of your future Connecticut basement remodel, what comes to mind? Do you imagine a catered experience, fully tailored to your needs? Do you picture yourself working together one-on-one with a dedicated team member who walks you through the basement planning process, including design, budgeting and implementation? This is what you can expect if you're making basement renovations with Fine Home Contracting.

The experience starts with a series of discussions to help you decide which features are right for your basement remodel such as:

  • Basic layout
  • Flooring
  • Window type
  • Lighting options

The decisions you make during this process will depend on the purpose of your remodel, and your goals for the space. Will it be an apartment for your young adult child or growing teenager? A rec room for your little ones? Or perhaps a home office to work remotely in some peace and quiet?

After you've communicated your plans with your dedicated service professional, we'll help you start a budget and move on to the design phase of your remodel.

2) The Design

Once we've talked to you about the basement decor and layout ideas, styles and finishes you love most, we'll be ready to move on to the design phase. Our design software allows us to create a 3D rendering of your future basement. From there, we can adjust various finishes and details according to your specifications. When the design is complete, it should match what you envisioned - or maybe even better.

3) Planning

We take pride in our transparent pricing and ethical business practices. In your contract, you'll find all the little details of your upcoming remodel, including an allowance list for materials, an estimated start and end date and a price that you can count on. Once the contract is signed, that price won't change unless you alter the plans through the change order process. 

After the contract is signed, the design work can begin. Sometimes the design is approved immediately and other times we have to go through several rounds of revisions before we get the design just right. You'll let us know what works for you.

4) Finalization (3-5 weeks)

Finalization takes time. First, the basement design must be approved, and then the basement remodel goes into production. What do we mean by that? We'll place an order for materials, and put your basement makeover on our schedule.

Every remodel is a multi-step process that requires a lot of scheduling and operations management before we can even begin the work. We'll line up the right professionals to do the job, and also communicate regularly with you throughout this process.

You will likely need to be involved in this process as well, because you'll be involved in the selection of the materials. From floor tiles to faucets, you'll need to make some decisions about what you like. As the materials are selected, you may also have to re-adjust your budget, if the cost of the materials you've chosen is higher than what you've budgeted. We'll help you keep an eye on this, and communicate with you accordingly.

One pro-tip we recommend for anyone making any kind of renovation is to avoid making changes to the design once the production begins. Making changes may slow down the process and could raise the price of your basement remodeling plans.

Lastly, we always suggest that homeowners spend this finalization time getting ready for their upcoming remodel. You may need to clear the furniture out of the space, or make arrangements for your pet to sleep in another part of the house. We'll give you suggestions to help you prepare for your upcoming remodel. When the work begins, we want you to be ready!

5) Remodel Begins

Once the remodel begins, we'll check in regularly to keep you updated on the progress and any issues that you might encounter. Basement renovations can be exciting, but they also take time. We know you'll want to be kept up to date on progress.

Often, the work appears to be moving quickly in the beginning. Sometimes homeowners even begin to think that the work will be done faster than they anticipated but we'll let you know if something changes about the timeline.

Installation of a bathroom or a wet bar in the basement can make this process take longer. Sometimes there will be noise or dust, but we'll let you know when you can this may occur, and what you can do to reduce the impact on your household.

Here's what you can expect:

  • Obtain permits, if needed
  • Demo the existing space
  • Install electrical and plumbing (if needed)
  • Moisture damage is repaired and waterproofing systems are put in place
  • Drywall installed, primed and painted
  • Final touch-ups are completed
  • Final walkthrough is performed

*Order of operation may vary depending on the project

Are you ready to start the basement remodeling process? Work with a contractor that prioritizes customer service, ethical building practices and quality home construction. Call Fine Home Contracting  today.

Home Office Remodeling Guide by Fine Home Contracting in CT

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