The building and remodeling industry is full of great talented tradespeople producing great work. The reason that the industry has many complaints is that most tradespeople are not business organized. They lack the skills of contracts, budgets, scheduling, technology, and educating the customer on expectations. That is where Fine Home Contracting starts with bringing all these shortfalls into robust strengths so your project runs smoothly, on time, and on budget

It starts with our Remodeling Consultants putting together a detailed scope of work broken down in to 35 Categories and separated into materials and labor. They look at the entire project holistically educating you on different design and scope options and discussing our full tool chest of financing.

The consultant hands off your project to our project managers who build a detailed Gantt schedule and make sure the project is in and stays on budget.

This whole build management process is run through our online management software and is over seen by our production manager.

Build Management Dashboard

Our project Dashboard keeps everyone up to date with communication, scheduling, billing, change orders and payments.

build management


Building and Remodeling Projects are notorious for running over budget and schedule. The entire schedule is preplanned and baselined prior to the project starting. It is then finalized and review by the production manager.

We pride ourselves in hitting our baseline even with large complex projects



Budgets are always an issue in Building and Remodeling. Again, our budget gets reviewed and set prior to work starting with set contracts with all our subcontractors. We pride ourselves in staying on budget as we track it real time.

Do We Remodel in Your Area?

Fine Home Contracting remodels homes in the entire state of Connecticut.

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