1) Reinventing The Exteriors Remodeling Experience

There are so many choices when it comes to exterior remodeling in Connecticut. Making the right decisions can improve your home's curb appeal, boost your home's value and make your home a more satisfying place to live. At Fine Home Contracting, we'll start the remodeling process by walking you through the options with a thorough consultation process. Every decision you make will impact your budget and the scope of your project, and ultimately, the overall beauty of your home. 

Here are some exterior remodeling services we offer:

  • Windows (single hung, double hung, casement, etc)
  • Siding (stone or brick veneer, vinyl siding, fiber cement)
  • Exterior painting
  • Roofing (asphalt shingles, clay shingles, metal)
  • Decks (pressure treated wood or composite wood)
  • Patios
  • Garages

During our discussion, we'll ask you questions about personal style, favorite finishes, colors and landscaping. The more you can tell us about your style preferences, the more productive these discussions will be. Save your pictures and clippings, write down your goals, and come to the table ready to explore the possibilities!

2) The Design

After that initial consultation, the home exterior design phase can begin. Our software allows us to create a 3D rendering of the ideas you've described. With the push of a button, you'll be able to see your remodel come to life! Once the basic concepts are in place, we can adjust various finishes and colors easily, at your direction, until the design is perfect. Not sure which home exterior ideas you like best? This is the perfect opportunity to explore them all.

3) Planning

You can't have a successful home improvement project without having a plan. Following the initial consultation, we'll help you form a plan to make your ideas a reality. During this stage, we'll draft a contract that includes a list for allowances, an itemized list of expenses and a detailed description of the project scope.

During the phase, you may go through several rounds of changes once we start work on the design. We want you to think your exterior house is perfect and our dedicated team member will help you through this process.

Lastly, budgeting is an important part of the planning process as well. We'll help you fit the project to your budget, and if that means adjusting the scope of your project, our team is here to help make those changes as needed. 

4) Finalization (3-5 weeks)

Once the contract is signed, that's when we spring into action. There are many materials that need to be ordered in the weeks before an exterior remodeling project begins. With the design finalized, we'll start gathering the materials right away - and if you haven't finalized your decisions for a beautiful home exterior, we'll give you assignments! What colors? What finishes? What style and size? We'll need you to answer these questions quickly, so the ordering and planning process can keep proceeding.

We'll put your project on our schedule as soon as the contract is signed, so we'll be working toward that deadline throughout the finalization process.

Note, any changes you make to the design after we've started ordering parts and scheduling the various stages of the remodel could slow down your project, and affect the cost. That's why it's important to be sure you're happy with the design from early on in the process. If you do decide to make a change during the finalization process, we'll write a change order so you'll know the cost.

5) Remodel Begins

You'll be able to see the remodel taking shape before your very eyes, but we'll keep you informed about the progress as it proceeds. Some projects don't take long at all, while other projects take much longer.  We'll be upfront and honest about how long we estimate your project will take and it will be included in the contract.

Some exterior home restoration projects can involve a lot of noise, while others may require re-landscaping when the work has been finished. When the work is done, your home will be a different place - one that is more beautiful and the kind of place you can proudly say is where you live.

Ready to get started with your exterior remodeling project in Connecticut? Work with a contractor with experience and ethical business practices. Contact Fine Home Contracting to get started on your exterior home makeover.

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