What to expect on your renovation or addition project
The planning is finished and the contracts are signed, and you are ready to get the project started –

Prior to Start
A project manager will be assigned to your project who will be running the daily work, he will be accessible to answer questions in the morning prior to work start and at the end of the day. You can also contact him by text or phone between 9-5pm. All change orders will be addressed by the project manager but processed through the office and work will not continue without a signed change order

Start of Work

Date – We will create a start date for the project and schedule accordingly, however, as other ongoing renovation projects are finishing up they may cause delays in our schedule, for instance, – fixtures damaged in delivery, customer add-ons etc. We will communicate with you as the days get closer and will confirm dates within a week of start dates

Work Start  The work area and any transit area to and from the work area needs to be cleared of all personal items. (if agreed upon we are happy to move any large items out of the way)

  • If needed plastic walls will be installed to seal off the remaining living area.
  • Drop cloths will be installed over any flooring that needs protection.

*please address any concerns you may have with dust or protection of  property

On Going Work

  • We work hard on scheduling to have contractors working on the project every day until finished, however, deliveries maybe delayed, building department inspections unable to be scheduled etc. If this happens your project manager will advise you of their schedule and any off days that no one will be working on the project.
  • If the property is vacant we will schedule an end of week inspections to go over any questions, concerns.

Our Partner Companies

  • Throughout your project, you may have our partner companies installing electrical, plumbing, roofing, siding, tile, flooring etc. They will be open to answering any questions you may have about the products they are installing. In some instances, they may ask design questions that have not been addressed on the initial consult. Ie exact lighting placement, tile layout, etc. You will be given a list of the partners that will be on site
  • If the property is vacant expect our partner companies to come and go with scheduling based off the deadline date.

Project Closing

  • Punch lists – As the project finishes up it is common to have a small list of overlooked items that have not been completed. Make your list that you have noticed and meet with the project manager to discuss. If there has been painting done you will be given a roll of blue tape for you to place small pieces on any places that needs touch ups.
  • Clean up – Expect to have all construction debris removed from project property sight and have floors swept clean and exterior areas raked. If we have included a house cleaning from one of our partner companies, to take care of windows and dust etc. the cleaning details will be outlined in your contract

Issues and Concerns

  • Larger project renovation that entail kitchen and bathrooms can be disruptive to you and your family’s life. We have found that the project is very exciting in the beginning as demo starts and spaces change shape, but expect as the project gets past the 60% point to feel tired and ready to be finished with the disruptions of people in your house and making final design decisions. This time frame is usually between the 60% and 90% of the project being finished. In this time period the project will seem  to slow down at this point as we wait on inspections, drywall and paint to dry etc. or back ordered fixtures to arrive.  This is all very common as the small details take much longer than demo and drywall
  • Feel free to ask your project manager with any concerns about the process – we promise that once it’s over you will be excited to move into your new space to enjoy it for years to come.
    Of course, if there is an issue with our partner companies or project manager or workers feel free to contact me directly.


  • Parking – our trucks and vans need to be able to park as close to the project as possible as they need to have access to their tools please have personal vehicles moved to allow this. If needed address parking issues with your project manager
  • Dumpsters – our dumpsters onsite are for us and our partners. At the end of the project we are happy to allow you to fill the remaining space with any items you may want to get rid of.
    • We are charged extra for : Mattress, Box springs,  Freon Appliances ( a/c, fridge, freezer, dehumidifier), Car Tires and electronics

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